Sunday April 28, 2019

On Sunday Elder Chris Taylor preached part 3 of his series on Philippians 3.

As a born again child of God, there are things that you will need to lose while running the race.

Paul understood all too well the things one must leave behind, to count as dung, in order to move forward and run the race. Paul took great pride in the condemnation and torture of Christians. After he was born again, the life Paul once lived no longer had meaning to him. His old passions and purpose did not line up with what God willed for his life. He left it all behind because he understood the reason for running towards Christ.

We need to escape the worst in us so that we can pursue the best in us in Jesus Christ!

Strive for perfection, even though it cannot be obtained in this life. Don’t dwell on the old, run towards the new! Don’t take childish things forward with you in life. Crucify your pride and be a fool for Christ’s sake!

When you are running the race, you will find peace in the midst of the storm. The reason for running to the prize; the resurrected Christ!