Sunday March 31, 2019

Yesterday, Pastor Chris Taylor walked the congregation through Mark 9:1-13. It is here that Jesus Christ takes three of His disciples ( Peter, James, and John ) up into a high mountain and is transfigured (He was transformed: His garments became glistering & exceeding white) before them. Elias and Moses then appear and are seen talking with Jesus. After these events occurred, as they were coming down the mountain, Jesus teaches the three disciples about the supreme importance of Gospel.

Jesus also tells them not to tell anyone what they had seen on the mount until after he had risen from the dead. Elder Taylor explores the reasons why Jesus gives them this prohibition.

The distinguishing mark of the Church is the preaching of the cross of Christ and his resurrection. The fact that the Messiah must suffer, die and rise from the dead did not fit in with their scribe taught theology of what the coming Messiah would do and accomplish.